15-16th November 2017

Berlin, Germany


Coming to Europe for the second time, the CRISPR & Precision Genome Editing Congress will continue to enhance the very latest drug discovery, biomedical research and therapeutic applications of CRISPR/Cas9 by overcoming key specificity, efficiency and delivery challenges.

With beneficial applications of CRISPR unrelenting, join leading CRISPR figureheads as they reveal advanced methodology, strategies and clinical timelines to maximise the power of precision genome editing and fulfil its revolutionary potential. Safeguard against future bottlenecks on the horizon for early adopters and new users alike, such as designing an optimised workflow for effective analysis.

With accuracy and specificity critical, discover how to measure off target effects to improve the current and future applications of CRISPR, such as development of preclinical disease models, screening, developing CRISPR libraries for cell to cell interactions and CRISPR-based therapeutic development.

In a truly innovative field, become part of the CRISPR & Precision Genome Editing community in 2016 and join those dedicated to pioneering CRISPR/Cas9 to enhance R&D productivity and revolutionise therapeutic development.About Testimonials