13-15th November 2017

Berlin, Germany


Workshop A
Wednesday 15th November 2017

09.00 - 11.30
Optimising the Development and Application of CRISPR Derived Transgenic Mice Models

Workshop Leader: Lin Wu, Director, Genome Modification Facility , Harvard University

In this interactive workshop, you will discover solutions and answers to help you:

  • Advance CRISPR genome editing in transgenic mice
  • Overcome the current limitations of using CRISPR for insertions for higher efficiency of desired edits
  • Uncover protocol advancements for advanced in vivo editing with optimised specificity
  • Learn about the different applications of CRISPRedited transgenic mice in a biomedical research setting

Lin Wu, Director, Genome Modification Facility , Harvard University

Lin Wu photo

Lin Wu received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology, and her Postdoctoral training from The Rockefeller University in Biomedical Genetics and Metabolic diseases. After working many years as an associate director at the Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Lin became the director of the Genome Modification Facility (GMF) at Harvard University in 2012. The GMF provides transgenic, gene targeting, and other services to investigators of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions, as well as to investigators within the US and abroad.  For more details, please see http://gmf.fas.harvard.edu/

Workshop B
Wednesday 15th November 2017

12.00 - 14.30
Optimising In Vivo Delivery for Therapeutic Advancement of CRISPR Gene Editing

Workshop Leader: Hao Yin, Scientist II, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

This workshop will address and discuss the following topics:

  • What technology developments are leading industry one step closer in delivering CRISPR/Cas9 in vivo?
  • In Vivo delivery into which tissues/organs are showing the most promise?
  • Outlining novel non-viral delivery methodologies for future gene therapies
  • Highlighting future developments in in vivo CRISPR complex delivery

Hao Yin, Scientist II, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Hao Yin photo