15-16th November 2017

Berlin, Germany

GE Dharmacon


Dharmacon has revolutionized the field of RNA synthesis with the introduction of 2’-ACE synthesis chemistry since 1995. As leaders in custom RNA synthesis, Dharmacon was an early participant in the newly discovered field of RNA interference, and contributed several key scientific findings. Dharmacon RNAi products were some of the first commercially available. This leadership has continued through technical advances in bioinformatics, and chemical modifications to improve performance. Today, our areas of research and research tools have expanded to support all aspects of RNAi interference; siRNA, lentiviral shRNA, tools for microRNA research, and whole-genome scale libraries for RNAi functional screens of genes, microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs. Dharmacon also has the largest collection of cDNAs and ORFs commercially available.